A Family Owned

Fork-Lift Company


We are a New Zealand-based, family-owned fork-lift company specialising in new and used Komatsu fork lifts.


Our parent company, Camson Hoist Hire, was established in the 1970s by Blair Robson. Originally, Camson provided fork-lift rentals and new and used fork-lift sales. However, due to considerable growth over the years, which led to Camson becoming no. 4 in New Zealand, Liftrucks New Zealand Ltd was formed to focus on fork-lift sales.

Premium Komatsu fork lifts
at affordable prices


As already said, we are a family business based right here in New Zealand. What does this mean for you? Well, our overheads are low. So, while Komatsu fork lifts are sold for a premium in other parts of the world, through us they are highly affordable. In fact, in almost all cases, the prices of our parts and tyres are lower than any other New Zealand fork-lift company.


Over 30 specialist fork-lift technicians


All our service technicians are fork-lift specialists. And with over 30 throughout New Zealand, we have the most fork-lift specialists in the country. This, of course, means we are able provide faster and more professional servicing.


Paul Robson, owner


Paul Robson began his career working for his father, Blair. Paul has now been working in the fork–lift industry for over 20 years and with degrees in engineering and computer science, he is one of the leading materials handling specialists in New Zealand. With public or offshore-owned companies, decision making is often slow because head office or a Board of Directors must be consulted. In contrast, Paul is very much hands-on and involved in every fork-lift sale. So, decisions are made quickly. And if you have a problem or need information, you can talk with Paul directly.